Mucosal Immunology Symposium LAMIG/SMI 2019


Welcome from the Organizers,

On behalf of the Latin American Mucosal Immunology Group (LAMIG) and the Mexican Society for Immunology (SMI), it is our pleasure to invite you to the LAMIG/SMI 2019 Mucosal Immunology Symposium, September 4-7, 2019, in Tlalnepantla, Mexico-City, Mexico. 


New technologies and approaches have improved our understanding of mucosal diseases as they enabled the identification of fundamental cellular and molecular principles regulating the interplay of mucosal tissues with the immune system, which will be a major focus of this symposium.


With an exciting lineup of international and national well-known senior and promising junior scientists, we aim at providing an overview of the most exciting and timely concepts in mucosal immunology. With a limited number of attendees, we want this symposium to be more personal and intense to ensure the best possible learning experience.


The 2019 LAMIG/SMI 2019 Mucosal Immunology Symposium includes major symposia in which senior scientists will present state-of-the art science; workshops on image analysis and career opportunities, and minisymposia and poster sessions where trainees will have ample opportunity to present and discuss their data. The symposium schedule also allows for intense networking with colleagues.


We invite you to present your research at the LAMIG/SMI 2019 Mucosal Immunology Symposium in September; and look forward to seeing you in Mexico!


4-7 September | Mexico-State/City


Leticia Moreno Fierros

Michael Schnoor